We’ll be holding two courses this summer in Beaverton, Oregon (GemStone world headquarters):

  • GemStone/S Fundamentals (July 16 -19, 2007)
  • GemStone/S Advanced Programming Practices (July 9-13, 2007)

Most of the people moving their Squeak/Seaside applications to GemStone/S shouldn’t have to take the course, however, if you’re planning on running a large GemStone/S installation or would like to geek out with GemStone/S then read on….

GemStone is pleased to announce the following open enrollment
courses which will be offered at GemStone world headquarters
in Beaverton, Oregon.  To enroll, please send email to
training@gemstone.com with the following information:

-Student's Name
-Phone #
-email address
-Which course(s) in which you wish to enroll
-Form of payment 

GemStone will then contact you to arrange payment and confirm

(Note: it is unusual for us to schedule the advanced course
before the introductory one.  In this case, the schedule below
was specifically requested by a customer).

Here are descriptions of the courses being offered:

Course 1: GemStone/S Fundamentals
July 16 - 19, 2007 

GemStone's most popular course is a combination of three
introductory offerings presented together over a 4 day period.
The student learns fundamental concepts and issues
associated with using GemStone, including shared access to
business objects, partitioning applications and basic system
management. The instruction format is a mix of lecture and
hands-on exercises to provide the student with actual
programming experience.

GemStone highly recommends that every person involved in a
GemStone project take this course to establish a baseline of
knowledge within the development team.

You Should Take This Course If You: 

*       Are or will be participating in a GemStone project.
*       Want to understand fundamental GemStone concepts.
*       Seek a baseline of GemStone programming and basic
        system management knowledge. 

Prerequisites For This Course Are: 

*       An understanding of object-oriented architecture and
*       A working knowledge of Cincom VisualWorks(r) Smalltalk
        or Instantiations VisualAge(r) Smalltalk 

This Course Will Teach You About: 


*       Product overview
*       The session model
*       Transactions and concurrency
*       User and object-level security
*       System management tasks 

GemBuilder for Smalltalk 

*       Application development tools
*       Partitioning applications between client and server
*       Working with connectors
*       Managing replication and forwarding
*       Implementing transaction and concurrency strategies
*       Starting sessions programmatically
*       Optimizing queries
*       Object notification and inter-session signaling 

Basic System Management 

*       System management tools
*       Installation and configuration
*       System architecture, files and processes
*       Storage management
*       Backup and recovery
*       Garbage collection
*       System monitoring 

Course Duration: 4 days. 

Course Fees: $2,300 per attendee.  Class size is limited to 10. 


Course 2: GemStone/S Advanced Programming Practices
July 9 - 13, 2007 

This is the most popular follow on class for Smalltalk server
architects, developers, designers, and implementers. This five
day class was originally developed for GemStone's own
Smalltalk server consultants to quickly learn the tips, tricks and
techniques that result in stable, scalable, and performant
Smalltalk server production applications.

You should take this Course If You: 

*       Have significant Smalltalk server application
        development experience
*       Are currently involved in designing or architecting a
        GemStone project
*       Seek advanced GemStone server design and
        implementation practices 

Prerequisites For this Course Are: 

*       Attend Fundamentals of GemStone/S course
*       Have several months of GemStone application
        development experience 


This course was originally developed for GemStone's own
internal use to provide rapid education and training to its
consultants.  The know-how of GemStone's consulting force
has been captured in this intensive program. The course's
objectives are to transfer significant technical information
and know-how to the experienced GemStone user in a
short period of time.  Students will be exposed to advanced
programming techniques and methodologies, as well as a
wealth of technical insight into the workings of GemStone.  

This Course Will Teach You About
*       GemStone's server architecture
*       The GemBuilder for Smalltalk architecture
*       Versioning and multi-user issues
*       Application partitioning methodologies
*       Client-server optimization techniques
*       Essential server performance enhancements
*       Performance and system analysis
*       Using blocks wisely
*       Transaction design and methodologies
*       Collection design and implementation
*       Using clustering techniques 

A number of GemStone Professional Services' Toolkits
are provided and/or explained during the course.  These
are the same tools used by GemStone consultants when
performing customer engagements:

*       ClassCheck
*       GSCacheProfiler
*       Garbage Probe
*       ProfMonitor
*       AdvancedProfMonitor
*       Transaction Probe
*       PageInventory
*       GciCall Tracking 

Course Duration: 5 days. 

Course Fees: Open Enrollment: $3,300 per attendee.
Class size is limited to 10.