Last week Ramon Leon asked, ‘Where’s the “Terse Guide to Gemstone”?‘ and today I can give him the answer.

In addition to the “Terse Guide to GemStone” you can find links to official GemStone documentation on my docs page.

If, after reading some of the documentation, you find that you have more questions about GemStone, feel free to write comments to this post or you can join the GemStone Mailing list. A number of long-time GemStone users monitor the list (in addition to the GemStone engineering staff) and I’m sure they will be glad to answer your questions.

This week I’ve been ‘heads down’, getting GemSource (the port of SqueakSource to GemStone) ready to go live, so I haven’t had a lot of time to write.

When GemSource goes live next week, it will be a read only site (at first), but we will have published all of the packages (Monticello, Hyper, FastCGI, Seaside, and SqueakSource) for your enjoyment.