Since last week we’ve made some very good progress on the tools. As I was hoping, once the OBBrowseRequest was hooked up, I was able to open all of the OmniBrowser tools on the Squeak-side. There’s a single Squeak-side class, GsOBBrowser, that proxies for all of the tools classes (subclasses of OBBrowser). Now it’s a matter of chasing down the bugs in GemStone-side OG-Standard classes (a port of the OB-Standard tools package) – there are a couple of outstanding issues, but at this point it is all about finding the time to turn the crank.

The tools are in good enough shape I have started to use them to browse the code, as I do other Seaside-related development.

I did get fed up with how long it was taking to generate the browser menus (one round-trip per menu item, yikes!), so I had to nail that one, pronto. Now it takes only one round-trip, with no noticeable delay. This is real encouraging, I had been concerned about performance, but I think we should be able to make most of the operations acceptably fast.

Liliana Ivan from Finworks started contributing to the Monticello tools this week. We’re adapting the existing Monticello tools instead of doing OmniBrowse-based tools (building on the initial work done by James Foster). I think this is the fastest route to a complete tool set, we’ll just have to backfill with OmniBrowser tools later.