If you like your tools medium rare, that is.

Yesterday I declared a cage match with OmniBrowser – I wasn’t leaving until I had a functional set of OmniBrowser tools. I made a sweep through all of the menus and windows reachable from OBSystemBrowser, fixing problems or lopping off features along the way. It took a while, but in the end the OmniBrowser tools are ready for prime time.

Strarting today, I will do all of my development activities for GLASS using the OmniBrowser-based tools.

Next up is to tackle the debugger and inspector. Before we can open up the beta to a wider audience, we need a useable debugger and inspector – I can get by with what we have, but I wouldn’t ask anyone else to try.

Liliana Ivan is continuing to make progress on the Monticello tools, so I am optimistic that we’ll be able to open up the beta to a wider audience before ESUG, which would be nice.