After getting the OmniBrowser tools running against Gemstone/S last week, I started working on the Debugger and Inspector.

Fortunately, Lukas Renggli had done an OmniBrowser-based Debugger and Inspector and I was able to port it to GemStone/S in relatively short order, leveraging James Foster’s previous work on a Morphic-based debugger. The heavy lifting involved getting the Squeak-side process management under control and generalizing the intervm notification mechanism to use ClientForwarders – taking a page from GemBuilder for Smalltalk.

To top it all off, Liliana Ivan (from FinWorks) has managed to bring the Monticello tools to the point where we can load, save, and view changes!

We are getting danged close.

Now that all of the tools are functional, we’ve only got 80% of the work left. Ha ha!

Seriously, I still have to make an exhaustive pass through the Monticello tools (Liliana has taken a vacation of all things), Inspector and Debugger to flush out any fundamental problems.There are also a handful of annoying update (or lack thereof) problems that have to be ironed out before the tools can be given a wider audience. All in all, we are still on a pace to open things up before ESUG.