I grew up in Indiana and every summer we’d hook the old camping trailer up to the family station wagon and head out on the road for a couple of weeks. Over the years we fished for Northern Pike in the far north of Ontario, visited cousins in Anaheim and toured the cliff-side homes of the Ancient Pueblo. Most summers we’d stay closer to home camping at places like The Dunes, Indian Lake or Brown County.

One year we traveled east to see the sites. We visited Gettysburg, Jamestown and The Smithsonian. I have vivid memories of the hex signs on the barns in Pennsylvania Dutch country, Maryland crab cakes, the lush Shenandoah Valley and a dusty, old Civil War museum in Appomattox. When we visited Monticello, I remember learning that in those days, the kitchens were always built separate from the house, because of the danger of fire. I remember thinking that the soup must get cold when they carry it from the kitchen to the dining room.

Colin might claim that he was thinking about another place when he named Monticello and my mom might claim that we visited Mount Vernon not Monticello that summer, but these are my memories, my story and no one can deny the fact that whenever I work on the Monticello tools my mind wanders back to that summer some 40 years ago.

I spent most of the last week getting the Debugger and Inspector into shape. While I’m still not completely happy with the Debugger, it is definitely usable. Every once in a while though, it lets you down.

Yesterday I started to make a pass through the Monticello tools. I’ve been using the Monticello tools full-time for the last week or so, but I need to make sure that the functions I don’t use on a regular basis are ready.

With the way things are progressing, we should have something interesting to show at ESUG.

Man those crab cakes were good!