I am satisfied. I’m not done (not by a longshot), but I am satisfied.

In the last couple of (long) days I’ve been able to touch just about all of the tools and while some of them have interesting quirks and foibles, one can get real work done using them. So with many thanks to Liliana Ivan we can stick a fork in the Monticello tools.

The Monticello tools are not based on OmniBrowser so we had to create proxies for big chunks of the Monticello model (read lots of classes) which not only complicated the development process, but also results in more roundtrips between Squeak and GemStone while using the tools. I have not addressed dependency issues either, so there are a handful of update-related problems outstanding. But hey, what’s a couple of bugs amongst friends?

Early tomorrow morning we will begin our trip to ESUG in beautiful Lugano, Switzerland. The good news is that I will be able to sleep on the plane, rather than fix quirks in the tools. The bad news is that I’ll be trying to sleep on a plane.

While we’re in Europe, we’ll release a GLASS alpha to some of the folks at ESUG. They can kick the tires, take the tools for a spin and If they take it slow and stay in the middle of the road, they’ll have a nice experience. However, I understand that there are some curvy roads high in the Swiss Alps, so I’m anticipating that they will find a foible or two that I haven’t seen.

After ESUG, my wife and I will spend a few days in Venice, before heading back to the states. That’s when we anticipate that a few more folks will be given access to the GLASS alpha.