At ESUG, Lukas, Philippe and I started porting Magritte and Pier to GemStone and we discovered that the Morphic-based Monticello tools are way too slow. The combination of lots of package versions and a slow wireless connection exposed the weakness in the Morphic-based tools: way too many round trips between the Squeak and GemStone. We’ll have to have OmniBrowser-based Monticello tools before we can widely distribute the G.L.A.S.S. beta.

Fortunately, Damien Cassou as part of the Summer of Squeak project has made an excellent start, implementing an OmniBrowser-based Monticello Browser for Monticello 2. I should be able to adapt his Monticello Browser to Monticello 1 and then use it as a jumping off point for creating the rest of the Monticello tools in OmniBrowser.

I am finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.