Between the holidays and time off to wrestle with a stubborn cold, December was a short, but busy month.

Version 2.2.4 of GemStone/S 64 is due to be released around the middle of January, so I’ve been scrambling to make changes to the base classes that are needed for OmniBrowser and Seaside.

We will also be cranking out a new rev of the GLASS appliance around the same time, so I’ve been working to get all of the image-based tests to pass and to clean up some of the Undeclared Symbols that have been floating around. Infrastructure improvements for the most part. With this rev of the GLASS appliance, we’ll still be in limited beta (i.e., if you have 64 bit hardware and want to take GLASS for a spin, drop us an email), but we are getting very close to making the beta available for download.

The big news is that we’ve finally got OmniBrowser-based Monticello tools, what a nice Xmas gift that was! We brought Avi down to Portland for a week and he nailed the Monticello tools. He did his development in Squeak, so we have made the results available to Damien Cassou (via the Package Universe) and he should be including the new tools in the beta Squeak development image. The OB-Monticello package is available in Colin’s OmniBrowser repository. I will be making a handful of changes in the next week or so as I get the new Monticello tools working in GemStone/S, but the plan is to have them ready for the next rev of the appliance. When that work is done, I’ll refresh the information in the Package Universe.

Finally, don’t forget that OOP 2008 in Munich (January 21-25, 2008) is coming up.