Yesterday we announced the release of GemStone/S 64 version 2.2.4. Check out the Release Notes for more information.

From a GLASS perspective, there were a handful of changes made to the base product:

  • Curly brace Array constructors added to the Smalltalk compiler.
  • Support for Squeak-style Pragmas.
  • Notification mechanism for abortTransaction, beginTransaction, commitTransaction, and transactionMode:. (see the class SessionMethodTransactionBoundaryPolicy).
  • Notification mechanism for sessionStart (see the class SystemLoginNotification).

You need the changes in version 2.2.4 in order to use the GLASS tools. As of today, you can load the Monticello package GLASS-dkh.57.mcz into GemStone/S from the GLASS repository (you will need GemStone-dkh.234.mcz loaded into your Squeak image as well).

In addition to the base support for Monticello and Seaside, GLASS-dkh.57.mcz includes several packages from the SeasideExamples, Scriptaculous, SeasideAsync, Magritte, and Pier. All of the unit tests are passing for the packages. You can look at the version history for GLASS-dkh.57.mcz to get a blow by blow account of the changes.

In the last week before shipping 2.2.4, we found a bug that affects doing a proceed from a halt or breakpoint when debugging Seaside applications. In order to fix the bug, we had to make changes to the C executables. Since 2.2.4 is being released to customers for production applications, we didn’t want to delay 2.2.4, so the bugfix wasn’t included.

After the 2.2.4 release, we did a beta build for version 2.2.5 and included the bugfix. The new version of the appliance (which is in the final phases of production) is being built with the 2.2.5 beta. I recommend that everyone use the 2.2.5 beta for Seaside development.