Like the Siberian Express, James Foster will be blowing into the Northeast early next week. James will be talking about GLASS:

While the Seaside framework elegantly addresses HTML generation and application flow-of-control issues, it still leaves challenges for the developer–including persistence, multi-user coordination, and scaling. With typical solutions (including object-relational mapping, external files, and multiple images) the “pure objects” experience of Smalltalk is compromised. In this presentation we will demonstrate GLASS (GemStone, Linux, Apache, Seaside, and Smalltalk), a stack (analogous to LAMP) that provides a robust environment for deploying sophisticated, dynamic web applications that can scale.

Having lived for a while in Fargo, North Dakota, James is no stranger to winter weather and I understand that he is prepared to hire a team of huskies if necessary. So, if you are starting to get cabin fever and a trip to the Seaside sounds good, then it’s time to get out your Mukluks and mush on over to one of the following Smalltalk User Group meetings:

BTW, James just might have a copy or two of the latest appliance.