Version 1.0beta6 of the appliance is rolling off the assembly line and that new software smell is once again wafting through the hallways of our Beaverton office. If you are using an appliance that is older than 1.0beta5, then you should contact us to get download instructions for 1.0beta6.

If you haven’t played with the appliance yet and have 64bit hardware, drop us an email to get download instructions, you should also read the Terse Guide to GLASS Tools.

On the development front, I am busy getting a port of SourceSource 2 running on GemStone. SourceSource 2 is Philippe Marschall’s port of SqueakSource to Seaside2.8 and Magritte. When I’m done I think that this will be a good example of what types of things need to be done to port a Squeak Seaside app to GemStone.

Oh, and don’t forget to sign up for our GLASS Beta mailing list.