The dogs didn’t let us sleep in this morning, so I’m getting an early start on the day. I’ve been very busy the last two weeks intending to write but getting roped into one thing after another.

I’ve just published GLASS-dkh.101 which should be used with GemStone-dkh.253 (both can be found in the GLASS project on GemSource). Here are some of the highlights:

  1. GemStone examples included in the GLASS package. I plan to write descriptions of the examples today!
  2. Highlighting added to MCRepositoryBrowser.
  3. Started work on MCConfiguration support. I’ve got an OmniBrowser-based tool written and MCConfigurations themselves are mostly working.
  4. Improved OmniBrowser tools performance. I did some work to reduce roundtrips and speed up icon calculations.
  5. Added MCServerDirectoryRepository. Now you can have directory-based repositories on your client machine (where the Squeak client is running) or on the server machine (where your gems are running).
  6. Fixed some bugs, etc. You can look at the history for GLASS-dkh.101 if you want the gory details.

Next week we are planning on releasing a new version of the appliance. Keep an eye on this space for an announcement. If you haven’t played with the appliance yet and have 64bit hardware, drop us an email to get download instructions.