I’ve just published GLASS-dkh.114 which should be used with GemStone-dkh.270 (both can be found in the GLASS project on GemSource). Here are some of the highlights:

  1. AutoCommit and AutoMigrate features added to GLASS tools. If you ever do something that is truly experimental, you can turn off AutoCommit, but in the majority of cases you should be using AutoCommit. With AutoCommit turned on, the system will perform a commit after every UI action that can change state. In the Code and Monticello browsers that means there are commits after virtually every operation. In a workspace, a commit is performed after the expression is evaluated (doIt, printIt, inspectIt, etc.).
  2. Seaside2.8.1 merged in (Seaside2.8a1-lr.541).
  3. Refactored the Exception hierarchy for GemStone-specific exceptions.

You can get more information by reading the comments in the package history.

GLASS-dkh.114 can be loaded into version 2.2.5 of GemStone/S 64 (including the just annouced version It can also be loaded into version 1.0beta6 of the appliance.

The release of GemStone/S delayed the work towards releasing a new version of the appliance based on 2.3 beta, but we should have a 2.3 beta build done later today and the new version of appliance should be available early next week.