While the 2.3 beta for GemStone/S and the next version of the appliance are going through production, I’ve started working on my next project for GLASS which is to get to the point where one can load the OB-Enhancements package into GemStone/S.

When I first ported OmniBrowser to GemStone, I cloned the OB-Standard package and renamed all of the classes to use an ‘OG’ prefix (rather than ‘OB’). At the time I was concerned that I might need an implementation for the ‘OG’ classes in the Squeak (client) side and I wanted to avoid class name collisions.

In the end, custom client-side behavior wasn’t required, but I was stuck with the ‘OG’ prefix. The unique class names have gone from being an annoyance (manual merging of OB-Standard updates into OG-Standard) to a hindrance (OB-Enhancements and OB-Refactory rely on OB-Standard for their functionality).

I am currently in the process of rectifying that problem. I am porting OB-Standard to GemStone (again) and backporting the changes from OG-Standard into OB-Standard. I’ve been able to load OB-Standard into GemStone alongside OG-Standard and there are about 200 methods that I will have to reconcile to complete the port. Shouldn’t be too bad.

Once I’ve got OB-Standard running under GemStone/S I will take a run at OB-SUnitIntegration, OB-Enhancements, OB-regex, and OB-Refactory so that the GLASS tools will be equivalent to the tools that are running in the current Squeak development image.

Wish me luck:)