I’ve just published GLASS-dkh.117 (2.2.5) and GLASS.230-dkh.140 (2.3.0). These two versions should be used with GemStone-dkh.276GemStone-dkh.278 (Squeak). All three of the versions can be found in the GLASS project on GemSource. If you decide to upgrade to these versions, first load the version on the GemStone-side, commit and logout. Then load GemStone-dkh.276 into your Squeak image and save your Squeak image.

I know, I know, just minutes after announcing the availability of a new version of the appliance I publish a set of new packages….So shoot me! Actually, I don’t anticipate that you’ll be that interested in this particular set of versions, since you might not be able to tell that I’ve made any changes at all: I’ve simply taken the first step in heading towards getting the OB-Enhancements packages and friends loaded into GLASS.

With these versions I have started using a branch of the OB-Standard package instead of the OG-Standard package, so only folks like Liliana and Otto from Finworks will really be interested.

I haven’t had a chance to try loading OB-Enhancements, yet – I’ll save that for next week!

[Updated 5/10/2008 – use version GemStone-dkh.278 (needed for 2.3) and load OG-AllTests-dkh.14 (in the GemStone Tools project) if you want to run the OmniBrowser tests in GemStone)].