It was just over a year ago that we annnounced GLASS at Smalltalk Solutions 2007 (May 2007). We were running on Seaside2.6 and at the time we figured we would be ready for a public beta in about 3 months – ho ho!

By ESUG 2007 (August 2007), we had ported Seaside2.8 to GemStone/S and we had a set of Squeak-based development tools for GLASS. By OOP 2008 (January 2008), we (nearly) had all of the tools implemented in OmniBrowser.

By the end of January we had shipped GemStone/S 64 2.2.4 and made version 1.0beta6 of the appliance available for download to those who had the appropriate hardware and were interested enough to send us an email.

In the last few months, we have addressed commit conflict handling for Seaside, debugging in a multi-vm environment, shipped GemStone/S 64 and created 1.0beta9 of the appliance (based on a 2.3 beta).

We’ve had a steady stream of requests for GLASS and now we are prepared to make the beta publicly available. So head on over to the downloads page and get busy! While you are thinking about it join our Beta mailing list, too.

If you are considering putting your GLASS application into production, then you should use version As a released version of GemStone/S 64, has undergone our full QA testing and when future versions of the product become available we will document the procedure for upgrading your GLASS repository to the new version of the product.