For those of you who missed the great conference in Reno this year, you can head over to the STIC site and view the slides for most (if not all) of the presentations.

For the GemStone talks, you can download the slides for my “GLASS: Share Everything” talk or James’ slides from his “Building A Seaside Appplication (with GLASS)” tutorial.

[Update: 9/25/2008] When video and/or audio becomes available, I’ll post another note.Apparently there will be no video or audio of my talk at Smalltalk Solutions. James was in the room and taping my talk, so there must have been technical difficulties.[Update: 9/29/2008]James does have audio and video of my “GLASS: Share Everything” talk. Sorry about the confusion, but I didn’t bill my talk as a “Gemstone Roadmap”. Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into making the audio and video available!