Head on over to the GLASS downloads page for the latest drop of the appliance (version 1.0beta10). The downloads for Linux and Mac OS X Leopard have been updated as well.

The big news for 2.3 beta2 is that we’ve got support for the full Unicode character range. Previously we supported up to 16 bit characters with DoubleByteString. In 2.3, we’ve added the class QuadByteString for supporting up to 32 bit characters. There should be more information in the release notes for 2.3, but until the release notes are available, you can review the chapter on “Extended Character Set Support” in the 2.2 Release Notes.

The following bugs were fixed:

  • bug39137 – ‘Magritte validation error (specifically for MARequiredError)’
  • bug39246 – ‘URL can cause fastcgi infinite recursion and vm crash’
  • bug39274 – ‘RRRssHandler>>handleRequest: ObjectLog support for debugging problems’

The appliance also includes some performance improvements for FastCGI.

Beta 2 is shipped with GLASS.230-dkh.155 and GemStone-jgf.291(both can be found in the GLASS project on GemSource). If you are using an external Squeak image, you should probably use the image and changes files that are shipped with the release:

  • You can download the GemStone ‘GemTools one-click’ from http://seaside.gemstone.com/downloads.html [thanks Monty!].
  • For the appliance you can download the GemStone one-click from the appliance itself by navigating to the downloads page in your browser (http://<appliance ip address>/downloads.html).
  • For the standard (Linux or Mac) install, the image and changes can be found in $GEMSTONE/seaside/squeak_3.9 and the latest GCI library $GEMSTONE/lib/libgcsi64-230.so.

If you are using 1.0beta9, I encourage you to download and start using the new version of the appliance.

With ESUG around the corner, I have not had time to merge the bugfixes into GLASS-dkh.119 (for 2.2.5). I hope to publish a beta update during the conference or shortly afterwards.