On Tuesday, Tudor Girba announced the release of Pier 1.0.17 and the creation of a new Pier website. Today (Thursday), I am pleased to announce that Pier 1.0.17 is available on GLASS. I suggest that you keep an eye on the Pier blog for ongoing developments.

If you don’t already have GLASS installed, go on over to the GLASS downloads page for options and instructions. Then follow the instructions here to install the code that includes Pier 1.0.17.

When the final release of GemStone/S 64 version 2.3 is available ([updated 10-06-2008]real soon now) Pier 1.0.17 will be pre-installed. When the appliance based on the final release is made available ([updated 10-21-2008]probably version 1.0 beta 11), it will make a very nice little Pier-in-a-box with built-in persistence and a ready-to-run Pier instance.

Developer Details

When I ported Pier to GLASS I only made one (intentional) change in the feature set (changing PRFile to use MAMemoryFileModel instead of MAExternalFileModel). I didn’t port the package Pier-Squeak-Persistency either for obvious reasons.

By default PRFiles are created using MAExternalFileModel, however, for GLASS, I changed PRFile class>>descriptionFile to use MAMemoryFileModel instead. The rationale is that the GLASS repository is created and initialized on a build machine here at GemStone and any directory structures created during Pier initialization will not be propogated to the final installation. By using MAMemoryFileModel all of the PRFile data is stored in the repository (which happens to be on disk in the final analysis). When you get around to deploying Pier, you will most likely want to use MAExternalFileModel so that you can use Apache or Lighttpd to serve the static files, so you will need to change PRFile class>>descriptionFile to use MAExternalFileModel when you are ready to deploy.

Note – This was my first post using the ‘Blog It!’ feature on Flickr, so some of you may have seen a premature feed in your RSS reader.

[1] Photo: Pier Glass Studio, Uploaded by artfull281 on 19 Aug 07, 5.43AM PDT.