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Last week Dario Trussardi submitted a bug report to the GLASS Beta mailing list (subscription required, but feel free to subscribe if you’re interested). The bug involved Magritte auto accessors – a feature whereby new instance variables (and accessor methods) are dynamically added to a class on demand. Dario was triggering the new instance variable creation during the rendering phase of a Seaside component and getting an Internal Server Error from Seaside:

InterpreterError 2403: Cannot commit, <‘a previous commit attempt failed with an error, this transaction must be aborted’>

This error doesn’t have the most intuitive explanantion and the stack dumped into the object log was rooted in the standard commit that occurs right before the HTTP response is returned to the browser – not much help.

I had tangled with the auto accessors before, in the Magritte unit tests, but Dario’s scenario wasn’t covered there. Dario provided a simple test case and I was off to the races. In the end I was able to fix the problem in Dario’s test case (at this writing I’m waiting for confirmation from Dario – when I get it I’ll publish a Beta Update), but I thought that it would be instructive to cover the issues involved in case anyone else wanders into this territory.

If you’re using Magritte auto accessors or are seeing 2403 errors or want to geek out on GemStone for a bit or have already settled down with a cup of coffee to “read another long post of mine” (yes I’m talking about you, Gera:), then by all means read on.

  1. #addInstVarName
  2. #allInstances
  3. #become:
  4. #readUsing: and #writeObject:using:
  5. Magritte auto accessor and Seaside
  6. SafelyPerformBlockRequiringAbort
  7. Summary

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