At Smalltalks 2008, James Foster gave a demo of “Scaffolding for GemStone”, a Seaside application written by Gerhard Obermann:

What Gerhard has done is used Magritte to model a domain, GemStone to save the objects, and Seaside to display them. In addition, Gerhard has created a web-based UI to interact with the Magritte data. Thus, after loading his package into GemStone, everything else is handled through a web browser. The tools build a basic “CRUD” user interface (that handles Create/Retrieve/Update/Delete for the domain data).

James created a 7-1/2 minute screencast showing off Scaffolding for GemStone. As James says:

Take a look at the demo and leave us your comments! Better yet, load the code into your GLASS environment and contribute to the open source project…

The code is available in the Scaffolding GemStone project on GemSource.

[1] Photo: Scaffolding, Uploaded by tilo driessen on 28 Jun 08, 6.50AM PST.