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[Update 3/16/2009: see the post GLASS Beta Update: Cooking with GLASS (Preview) for the latest preview information].

Over the Christmas holidays my grandson Oscar and I got serious about tools.

Oscar learned how to use a drill and I built an OmniBrowser-based version of TestRunner to go along with the new GemTools Launcher.

GemTools Launcher updates

Gerhard Obermann has been busy working on the tools, too. He’s made a number of improvements to the Launcher:

  • Empty and Show Object log menu items added to the Doit button.
  • Added a Transaction button as a home for Commit and Abort.
  • Tweaked appearance in a number of places.

To pick up Gerhard’s changes use the Package Universe browser to load GemTools-Client version 0.335. If you haven’t already loaded the tools preview, follow these instructions.


OSTestRunner is a clone of the Squeak TestRunner with the functionality molded to fit within OmniBrowser. OSTestRunner can be run in Squeak, Pharo or GLASS. Click on the image below for a full-sized view of the Pharo version.


To use with Squeak or Pharo, check out the instructions in the announcement message.

To load into GLASS:

  1. Follow the instructions for bringing up the tools preview (make sure you load GemTools-Client version 0.335 on the Squeak side).
  2. Log into GemStone (using the new launcher) and load GLASS.230-dkh.183 from the GLASS project on GemSource, using the GLASS Monticello browser.
  3. Logout and log back in to make sure that the client is updated with the new server classes and enjoy.

I’m still tweaking OSTestRunner for GLASS roundtrip performance and I want to have better user feedback while the tests are running, but other than that I’m happy with the new OSTestRunner – hey all of the menus and buttons work on the new version!

Monday, I’ll dive back into MC2 and will beat on the new tools (tweaking here and there), so you can look forward to a general release of the GemTools towards the end of the month.

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