[Update 3/16/2009: see the post GLASS Beta Update: Cooking with GLASS (Preview) for the latest preview information].

With the latest dev release of Pharo (pharo0.1-10243dev09.02.3), the new GemTools Client has stopped working correctly. From what I can see, a number of updates were made to OmniBrowser which causes the buttons to disappear from the OGLauncher….I stopped looking for additional problems at that point:). I’m not going to complain, though, the Pharo image is pretty cool already and it is still pre-Beta.

As of pharo0.1-10213dev09.01.3 (and probably pharo0.1-10236dev09.02.2.zip) the GemTools Client was working correctly. Until further notice don’t use the latest versions of Pharo.

I have been pretty busy fixing bugs recently and anticipate a refresh of the GemTools Client and the GLASS package in a week or so.

[1] Photo by milomingo via Flickr (Creative Commons).