In the last month, Gerhard Obermann and I have been pretty busy. Between us we’ve made over 80 updates to the GemTools package and over 20 updates to the GLASS package.

At this point in time, I think that the GemTools Launcher (GemStone-dkh.441) and the OmniBrowser tools are stable enough that you no longer need to be Brave and/or Curious to take the new tools and GLASS.230-dkh.209 for a spin. In fact the tools are probably in better shape now than they’ve ever been (I haven’t seen the MNU storms that would periodically appear in the old client for quite awhile). If you’re reluctant to upgrade, check out the new Backup/Restore commands. Being able to backup/restore your repository from the GemTools Client should ease your mind.

I still have between 50 and 100 issues that I want to address (mainly on the server-side) before the next beta release. In the mean time, I am all but done with the UI changes and I would like feedback from folks on the new commands. If you haven’t already, join the beta mailing list and send mail with your comments and suggestions.

If you run into (gasp!) a bug, use the new Bug Report commands to report the bug. Honestly, I would rather have people report 100 duplicate bugs than miss 1 valid bug report – don’t assume that I know about the problem!


There have been a significant number of changes to the GemTools Client since the last preview release, so many that I decided to update the old Terse Guide to the GLASS Tools with a new post: Terse Guide to the (new) GLASS Tools. All of the menu items for the GemTools Launcher are documented.

If you haven’t already created a new GemTools client smalltalk image, then follow these instructions.

If you’ve already updated to a preview release, then you’ve already got a new Squeak/Pharo image and all you need to do is to update to the latest version of the GemTools Client, using these instructions.

Take a look at the GemTools change log for a complete history of the changes made between GemStone-dkh.355 and GemStone-dkh.441.


In addition to the support needed for the GemTools Launcher a number of bugs were fixed:

  • Bug39820 – packages dirtied unnecessarily when recompiling subclasses
  • Bug38105 – HTTPSocketError not correctly loaded
  • Bug38794 – Subclass creation method leaves instance creation disabled
  • Bug39838 – ExceptionA class>>hasFixFor39741 breaks some things
  • Bug38146 – unload class and remove method should clean up undeclared sybmols
  • Bug39798 – UndefinedSymbols is not maintained correctly
  • Bug39850 – MCPackageBrowser doesn’t update when package dirtied
  • Bug39345 – ‘Squeak browser tools need move-to-category button’
  • Bug39578 – ‘”revert to version” in “Versions of” method browser does not autocommit’
  • Bug39303 – sorting of change list in Monticello brower is strange
  • Bug39823 – missing OSkSocketReadStream>>upToEnd
  • Bug39800 – SeasideTesting has probably decayed…
  • Bug39777 – Cannot ‘browse’ ProtoObject without a walkbalk
  • Bug39772 – Class>>allSubInstancesDo: always fails
  • Bug39582 – lots of key-not-found errors using Vocabulary browser
  • Bug38140 – ‘highlight inspect’ feature for debugger
  • Bug38274 – need visual separation between ancestors in MCWorkingCopy>>summary
  • Bug38304 – CTL-i on a String or Smallinteger ends up with Squeak inspector
  • Bug39662 – Inspecting a float in GLASS results in a ‘Float out of Range’ error in Squeak
  • Bug39827 – missing base method for GLASS
  • Bug39795 – MAPriorityContainer>>remove: fails unexpectedly

Other highlights include:

The following packages have bee removed from the GLASS package:

  • MonticelloConfigurations
  • Pier-LightBox
  • Pier-Twitter
  • SqueakSource
  • TinyWiki

These packages are not automatically removed by the update process. If you aren’t using them, then you should manually unload them using the Monitcello Browser. If you don’t remove them you may see test failures for the UndefinedSymbolsTest and SentButNotImplementedTest. After removing the above packages the tests should run clean (4182 run, 4182 passed, 0 failed, 0 errors).

Once you’ve updated to the latest version of the GemTools Client, follow these instructions to update the GLASS server software to GLASS.230-dkh.209.

Take a look at the  GLASS change log for a complete history of the changes made between GLASS.230-dkh.187 and GLASS.230-dkh.209.


[1] Photo by placbo (Creative Commons).