Andreas Brodbeck has announced Seashell:

Coming from the Rails world, I clearly see that there is yet missing some proven best practices for the hosting of a Gemstone powered seaside application server. Progress on GemTools is moving fast, that’s super fantastic! And I always felt that there should be a bare access to the deployment, a more basic direct access from the shell, too.

In the world of Rails there is a solid tool called capistrano, which you can use as a deployment servant.

Andreas makes a good point, the production deployment and stone management tools for GLASS leave a lot to be desired. Just ask Danie Roux. Not long ago, he blogged about using Rake to manage multiple GemStone database instances.

I haven’t had a chance to look at either of these tools in detail, but I am glad that the community is stepping in to fill a void.

BTW, there are github repositories for both tool sets: Seashell and GemStone Management scripts.

[1] Photo by florriebassingbourn (Creative Commons).