A couple of weeks ago we published a one-click GemTools 2.4 download. We named the file 2.4 to differentiate it from the 2.3.1 GemTools client download, but we inadvertently included 2.4 gci files in the download – we haven’t released 2.4 yet.

We’ve now made two one-click GemTools preview downloads available on the download page:

  • GemTools 2.3.0-preview for all platforms (for use with version 2.3.0 of GemStone/S, like the 1.0beta11 appliance)
  • GemTools 2.3.1-preview for all platforms (for use with version 2.3.1 of GemStone/S)

If you are using the GemTools 2.4 download and have experienced problems then you should definitely download and use the one-click file that matches your stone version.

[1] Photo by Nessa Land (Creative Commons).