Norm Green has announced open enrollment for the following course:

Course: GemStone Performance and Advanced System Management
Dates: June 8 – 10, 2009
Location: Beaverton, Oregon, USA
Cost: $2300 per student.
Registration: send email to training at gemstone dot com


This three-day course builds on the concepts introduced in GemStone’s
Fundamentals of GemStone/S course. Students gain an understanding of
advanced concepts and issues associated with the performance and
tuning of GemStone’s object server. The instruction format consists of
lectures and guided explorations through actual examples providing
each student with real-world experience.

You Should Take This Course If You

  • Want to enhance the performance of GemStone with tuning techniques
  • May have some responsibility or interaction with administering a GemStone system
  • Seek a deep understanding of the GemStone object server

Your Recommended Prerequisites For This Course Are

  • “Fundamentals of GemStone/S” course

This Course Will Teach You About


  • How a functioning GemStone system behaves
  • Fundamental and advanced concepts of GemStone’s architecture
  • Sophisticated monitoring and troubleshooting techniques
  • How to obtain and apply numerous significant server statistics
  • Tuning a GemStone server for performance

[1] Photo by Jeff Blucher (Creative Commons).