In the month since the last beta update, I’ve been mostly heads down working on Metacello a version control/configuration managements framework. Metacello isn’t ready for public consumption yet, when it is, you will hear about it here. [Update later that day] Metacello is not a Monticello replacement, it is a Monticello enhancement.

Besides Metacello there have been a handful of bugfixes that are worth packaging up. The most important of which gets rid of potential infinite recursion in ExceptionA>>description.


No GemTools changes. Added GLASS.230-dkh.231 to update list as an alpha release.


GLASS bugfixes and additions:

  • fix for ExceptionA>>description infinite recursion problem reported by Dario
  • non-recursive MCAncestry>>ancestorsDoWhileTrue:
  • added methods to be able to cleanUp MethodVersionHistory instances (thanks Gerhard)
  • fix problem with recompile:, where method hasn’t been loaded because of other issues
  • bugfix 39932 – Url decoding not decoding ‘+’ in url
  • fix a problem reading an MCZ reported by Dario … turns out we needed a ‘null’ Error handler:)
  • incorporate Squeak protocol additions from Ramon Leon.

Update Process

To update an existing installation to GemStone-dkh.467 and GLASS.230-dkh.231, follow these instructions. If you have recently downloaded an appliance or installed GemStone/S 64 2.3.1, then follow these instructions telling you how to get a recent GemTools client vm.

If you update to GLASS.230-dkh.231 from a version prior to GLASS.230-dkh.231, a Warning dialog will pop up – proceed through the warning.

[1] Photo by dashananda (Creative Commons).