I just released version 1.0-beta.12 of Metacello this afternoon.

New Configuration class and package naming convention: ConfigurationOfxxx

The most significant change is that I’ve renamed the configuration class and Monticello package to ConfigurationOfMetacello. This is a naming convention that Tudor Girba started using for the Moose project naming the Metacello configuration class and package: ConfigurationOfMoose. If the naming convention is used all of the Metacello configurations are put in close proximity in the Class Browser (when sorted alphabetically) and the Monticello Browser, so configuration classes and packages are easy to find. It also makes it easy to recognize that Metacello is being used for a project. I am in the process of converting all of the Metacello configurations that I’m managing to use this convention.

If you’ve started a Metacello configuration you should start using the naming convention, just rename the class, and save it in a new package. Your version meta data (the important stuff) is preserved. Also don’t forget to update your class-side #ensureMetacello method to use ConfigurationOfMetacello (see the class MetacelloConfigTemplate for an up-to-date example).

ConfigurationOfMetacello available on SqueakSource

In addition to publishing the Metacello configuration on GemSource in the Metacello project, I’ve published the configuration on SqueakSource in the Metacello project to make it easier to find. The primary source repository remains on GemSource.

Load Project Version improved

The Load Project Version command was also changed with this release. The list of versions has been shortened and the current version is marked with an ‘*‘. Finally instead of loading ‘ALL’, the list of packages used the last time that the project was loaded is used. If no previous information has been recorded then the ‘default’ group is loaded. By default the previous version is not recorded. You can implement two class-side methods on your configuration to record the information (#lastMetacelloVersionLoad and #metacelloVersion:loads:. See the class MetacelloConfigTemplate for an example).

The rest of the details about the release can be found here.

If you’re curious, install Metacello into your image and take the tutorial!

[1]http://www.flickr.com/photos/giuliag/ / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0