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Lukas Renggli announced the availability of a PDF version of Dynamic Web Development with Seaside:

At the end of the payment process (PayPal) you will be redirected to the download area where you are able to get the latest builds of the PDF version of the book. If you bookmark the page you will be able to download fixes and extra chapters as we integrate them into the online version. By buying the PDF version you support our hard work on the book.

Photo by / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Torsten Bergmann has written a post on how he is using Metacello for his Smalltalk projects.

Photo by / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

James Foster describes a very clever technique for getting a report on the contents of your GemStone data base. Originally written for GemStone/S 6.x, he has recently updated the code to support the 64-bit product.

You can load the code from the ScanBackup GemSource project.

Photo by MorBCN (Creative Commons).

James Foster posted several videos covering the development of iBizLog presented by José F. Bretti M. and Esteban Lorenzano at Smalltalks 2009. James has added subtitles to overcome the poor sound quality and embedded the slides from the presentation in the video …. nice job, James:

  1. Presentation slides (pdf)
  2. iBizLog Presentation at Smalltalks 2009 (part 1) (video)
  3. iBizLog Presentation at Smalltalks 2009 (part 2) (video)
  4. iBizLog Presentation at Smalltalks 2009 (part 3) (video)
  5. iBizLog Presentation at Smalltalks 2009 (part 4) (video)

iBizLog is a Seaside application that is developed in Pharo and deployed in GLASS. Esteban spends a fair amount of time talking about their use of Pharo and GLASS, so the videos are worth viewing.

Here’s a recent review of iBizLog from AppAppeal.


Version 1.0-beta.22 of Metacello was released today with the following bugfixes:

  • fix Issue 36 “Use ConfigurationOfOB for Metacello”
  • fix Issue 49 “occassional load of older versions of projects”
  • fix Issue 52 “preload/postload for projects”

See the 1.0-beta Version Descriptions for additional release details.

Changes were also made to the downloads, API reference, and tutorial pages on the Metacello wiki.

Finally, be sure to check out the ProfStef-based tutorial with step by step instructions for creating your very own Metacello configuration (after installing Metacello):

ConfigurationOfMetacello project latestVersion load: #('Tutorial').
ProfStef goOn: MetacelloCreateConfigurationTutorial.

1.0-beta.22 has been tested on:

  • Pharo1.0-10508-rc2dev10.01.2
  • PharoCore-1.0-10508rc2
  • Squeak3.10.2-Trunk-090912 (ProfStef has not been ported to Squeak yet)

[1] / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


GemTools 1.0-beta.3 features:

  • improve ”Show Object log” output format
  • add ”List backup files” command
  • add some missing icon definitions for Squeak
  • load OB/Shout if not present
  • ProfStef tutorials (Pharo only for the moment)

The major change with this version is that the installation instructions are included as part of GemTools release. The last statement in install expression opens an interactive tutorial (created with ProfStef) in the Smalltalk image to guide you through the necessary steps to finish the GemTools install. The tutorial provides guidance for several different tasks from installing GemStone/S to opening the GemTools Launcher. A How To… button has been added to the GemTools Launcher with step by step tutorials for the following topics (so far):

  • How to finish the GemTools installation
  • How to define a GemTools session to log into your GemStone server
  • How to update your GemStone server code (GLASS.230-dkh.164 through GLASS.230-dkh.231)
  • How to open GemTools Launcher
  • How to install and start a GemStone Server
  • How to build a custom extent (GLASS 1.0-beta.4 and later)
  • How to update your GLASS software after building a custom extent (GLASS 1.0-beta.4 and later)
  • How to update your GemTools client software

Here’s a sample screen from the ‘How to finish the GemTools installation’:

What this means for you is that the installation instructions will match the version of GemTools that you are installing and you won’t have to guess which blog post has the right instructions for your situation. I will be updating the tutorials to cover more subjects and I welcome the contributions of tutorials from others (just let me know and I’ll add you as a developer to GemTools repository).

Wiki and Bug Reports

In the last week or so, I created a Google Code project for GLASS called glassdb. The project provides a public wiki and a public issue reporting system. I encourage you to submit a bug if you run into issues using GemTools or GLASS.

With a public bug reporting system it is now possible for you to contribute bugfixes as well as bug reports. If you want to contribute let me know and I’ll you to the glassdb project and add you to the GLASS DEVS group on GemSource.

Update GemTools

Execute the following code in a Squeak or Pharo workspace:

ConfigurationOfGemTools loadLatestVersion

Or click on  the Update… button in the GemTools Launcher and select Update GemTools Client menu item.

Install GemTools

Execute the following code in a Pharo workspace after downloading a recent version of Pharo (tested with Pharo1.0-10508-rc2dev10.01.2 and PharoCore-1.0-10508rc2 images):

Gofer new
        squeaksource: 'MetacelloRepository';
        package: 'ConfigurationOfGemTools';
(Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfGemTools) perform: #loadLatestVersion.
(Smalltalk at: #ProfStef) perform: #goOn: with: (Smalltalk at: #OGFinishGemToolsInstall)

Until ProfStef  is ported to Squeak and Gofer is installed in the trunk, you’ll have to follow these instructions (tested with Squeak3.10.2-Trunk-090912).


[1] / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0


Version 1.0-beta.19 of Metacello was released today. In addition to a handful of bug fixes the following new features were added:

  • Issue 7 “#repositoryOverrides: should be in MetacelloMCVersion”
  • Issue 13 “more than one repository per package”
  • Issue 16 “version level predoit/postdoit”
  • Issue 28 “supplyingAnswers: attribute for packages”
  • Issue 30 “Imported version names”

See the 1.0-beta Version Descriptions for full release details. If you run into a bug, please report it!

Mariano Martínez Peck has been very busy creating Metacello configurations for Pharo, so if you want to see what he’s been up to, take a look at this message.

The Metacello Repository on SqueakSource houses almost 30 configurations – a good source of example configurations. All of the configurations in Metacello Repository should load into Pharo images, and many of them are intended to be loaded into a Squeak trunk image as well. If you find a configuration that doesn’t load into the Squeak trunk or Pharo, join and send mail to the Metacello mailing list for help in fixing the configuration or submit a metacello bug.

If you’re curious, install Metacello into your image and take the tutorial!

[1] / CC BY-NC 2.0

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