Version 1.0-beta.19 of Metacello was released today. In addition to a handful of bug fixes the following new features were added:

  • Issue 7 “#repositoryOverrides: should be in MetacelloMCVersion”
  • Issue 13 “more than one repository per package”
  • Issue 16 “version level predoit/postdoit”
  • Issue 28 “supplyingAnswers: attribute for packages”
  • Issue 30 “Imported version names”

See the 1.0-beta Version Descriptions for full release details. If you run into a bug, please report it!

Mariano Martínez Peck has been very busy creating Metacello configurations for Pharo, so if you want to see what he’s been up to, take a look at this message.

The Metacello Repository on SqueakSource houses almost 30 configurations – a good source of example configurations. All of the configurations in Metacello Repository should load into Pharo images, and many of them are intended to be loaded into a Squeak trunk image as well. If you find a configuration that doesn’t load into the Squeak trunk or Pharo, join and send mail to the Metacello mailing list for help in fixing the configuration or submit a metacello bug.

If you’re curious, install Metacello into your image and take the tutorial!

[1]http://www.flickr.com/photos/stuant63/ / CC BY-NC 2.0