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Well the time has finally come, or nearly come.

It’s been nearly a year since I’ve released a GLASS Beta Update. Last April, when I released the SOAP Preview for GLASS, it was obvious to me that the days were numbered for the GLASS.230-dkh umbrella package and that I would have to find a better solution for making releases in Smalltalk. I just didn’t realize that the number would top 300:)

In my defense, starting in November of last year I did initiate a series of Bootstrap releases (1.0-beta.0, 1.0-beta.4, and 1.0-beta.5), but over the last 10 months I’ve really focussed on getting Metacello up to snuff.

The good news is that I am in the final steps of the year long release cha cha.

Metacello 1.0-beta.25

Metacello is nearly ready for 1.0, but there are a handful of things that have to be done before release. I’ve outlined most of them in The road to 1.0. I will release 1.0-beta.25 later today (fingers crossed) and will spend a day or so writing up additional documentation on some of the new Metacello features.

GemTools 1.0-beta.6

Once Metacello 1.0-beta.25 is out the door, I will polish up GemTools 1.0-beta.6.

The big news with GemTools 1.0-beta.6 is that I have transitioned to using the Help System for documenting the update steps for GemTools and GLASS. I will continue to announce releases on my blog, but the details for doing an update will be included in a Help System browser available via GemTools. This means that you won’t have to try to cross reference the versions of GemTools and GLASS with ancient blog posts to figure out how to upgrade to later versions.

Continuing the process started over a year ago, you will need to update to GemTools 1.0-beta.6 in order to update to GLASS 1.0-beta.8.

BTW, when Pharo releases version 1.0, we’ll release a new one-click for GemTools.

GLASS 1.0-beta.8

I plan to push GemTools 1.0-beta.6 out right before I release GLASS 1.0-beta.8. At this point I’ve got most of the major port and testing load behind me:

There are a few more details that I need to cover and quite a bit of documentation to write about for 1.0-beta.8 before release, but I thought it was worth letting you know that I am in the final approach for releasing 1.0-beta.8

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The half hour talk about Metacello that James Robertson, Michael Lucas-Smith and I had a couple of weeks ago is now available online.

Photo by / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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