open sign...I know, I know, the paint is not even dry on GLASS 1.0-beta.8 and I’m opening GLASS 1.0-beta.9 for development? Well, of course!

There are nearly a dozen bugs that are targeted for fixing in 1.0-beta.9, so we need a place to stash the bugfixes and with Metacello, that means opening a version for development.

In addition to GLASS version 1.0-beta.9, I’ve  created development versions for each of the fundamental projects managed in ConfigurationOfGLASS:

  • ConfigurationOfGsCore version 0.240
  • ConfigurationOfGsMisc version 0.237
  • ConfigurationOfMonticello version 0.238
  • ConfigurationOfGsOB version 0.239

I am hoping that other developers will eventually start contributing bugfixes to the GLASS project and opening the development versions is the first step. Over the coming weeks I will provide more information about the GLASS development process, but if you are hot to get started, drop me a line and I’ll let you know what I’m thinking.

Photo by / CC 2.0