Metacello 1.0-beta.29 was released earlier today. This release includes a number of bugfixes and performance improvements.


  • SIGNIFICANT speedup for load/fetch/currentVersion operations. More caching and better algorithms.
  • Warn about newer versions in repository. MetacelloToolBox class>>saveModifiedDevelopmentPackages:for:description:.
  • MetacelloBrowser support.
  • experimental support for branching configurations (mcz level branch)

Bugs fixed:

  • fix Issue 108: Need to update Metacello (tests and Gofer config) to integrate changes from Pharo Issue 3660
  • fix Issue 112: direct version load (upgrade) of config doesn”t update already loaded mcz files
  • fix Issue 115: Invalid method construction by toolbox
  • fix Issue 118: dirty package after merge skews currentVersion calculation
  • fix Issue 120: lessons methods disapppeared in Metacello-Tutorial-DaleHenrichs.24
  • fix Issue 122: misleading error message regarding stable versions
  • fix Issue 123: broken development scenario

If you already have an earlier version of Metacello loaded, evaluate the following expression to upgrade to 1.0-beta.29:

ConfigurationOfMetacello project updateProject.
(ConfigurationOfMetacello project version: '1.0-beta.29') load.

Metacello 1.0-beta.29 was tested against:

  • PharoCore-1.0
  • PharoCore-1.1.2
  • PharoCore-1.2.2-12353
  • PharoCore-1.3a
  • Squeak4.2
  • GLASS 1.0beta.8.6


[1] Photo by http://www.flickr.com/photos/brankomaster/3667243737 / CC BY 2.0