running with the seagulls[1]

Metacello 1.0-beta.30 was released this afternoon. This release has a couple of bugfixes and some more significant performance improvements.


  • Pharo1.4 support (build 14124 or later). tests pass, but ProfStef apparently has not been ported. Based on fix for Pharo Issue 4613
  • another round of performance improvements with significant speedups for #currentVersion, #project, #versionStatus and friends
  • tweak MetacelloToolBox class>>saveModifiedPackagesAndConfigurationIn:description: so that description is updated when your package updates are needed.
  • persistent author initials can be set by defining #’GS_tODE_AuthorInitials’ in UserGlobals with desired author initials string (in support of tODE). GemStone only
  • allow configuration branches to be used in a project reference (className: is name sans branch, file: is name with branch)


  • fix  Issue 136 : load of referenced project can fail with missing version error
  • fix  Issue 146 : unrecognized SystemVersion results in assuming system is on #gemstone…

If you already have an earlier version of Metacello loaded, evaluate the following expression to upgrade to 1.0-beta.30:

ConfigurationOfMetacello project updateProject.
(ConfigurationOfMetacello project version: '1.0-beta.30') load.

Metacello 1.0-beta.30 was tested against:

  • PharoCore-1.0
  • PharoCore-1.1.2
  • PharoCore-1.2
  • PharoCore-1.3-13299
  • PharoCore-1.4-14126
  • Squeak4.2
  • GLASS 1.0beta.8.6


[1] Photo by / CC BY-SA 2.0