Yellow & Green III[1]

GLASS 1.0-beta.8.7 has been released. I’ve been pretty busy since the last GLASS release in March: there are almost 50 bugfixes included in this release.

GLASS 1.0-beta.8.7 has been tested against GemStone/S 2.3.1GemStone/S and the forthcoming GemStone/S 3.0.1 release.

I plan a series of blog posts over the next few weeks to cover some of the more interesting changes and new features included in and enabled by GLASS 1.0-beta.8.7.

GemStone/S 2.3.1 Upgrade

If you’ve downloaded the GLASS appliance, you will be running on GemStone/S 64 Version 2.3 and GLASS.230-dkh.164. The good news is that you can upgrade from GLASS.230-dkh.164 to GLASS 1.0-beta.8.7:

  1. Update your GemTools image to GemTools 1.0-beta.8.5.
  2. Update GLASS to 1.0-beta.8 which gets you to the point where Metacello is installed. This step can take awhile, so be patient.
  3. Update GLASS to 1.0-beta.8.7.
  4. Update the rest of the projects that were part of  GLASS.230-dkh.164, most notably:
    • Seaside 2.8.5
    • Magritte
    • Pier

As always don’t forget to make a backup before and after the upgrade.

GemStone/S Upgrade

GemStone/S and the subsequent 2.4.x releases have all shipped with GLASS 1.0-beta.8.1 pre-installed in the seaside extent ($GEMSTONE/bin/extent0.seaside.dbf). The upcoming GemStone/S 2.4.5 release will be shipped with GLASS 1.0-beta.8.7 pre-installed.

To upgrade to GLASS 1.0-beta.8.7:

  1. Update your GemTools image to GemTools 1.0-beta.8.5.
  2. Update GLASS to 1.0-beta.8.7.
  3. Make a backup.

—– / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0