absinthe fixes everything[1]

GLASS 1.0-beta.8.7.1 has been released. There are only a couple of bugfixes in this release as this release was targeted at the upcoming GemStone/S 2.4.5 release. The bulk of the changes were related to porting GLASS 1.0-beta.8.7 to GemStone/S 2.4.5.

GLASS 1.0-beta.8.7.1 has been tested against GemStone/S 2.3.1GemStone/S, GemStone/S 3.0.1 and the forthcoming GemStone/S 2.4.5 release.

To upgrade to GLASS 1.0-beta.8.7.1:

  1. Update your GemTools image to GemTools 1.0-beta.8.6.
  2. Update GLASS to 1.0-beta.8.7.1.
  3. Make a backup.


[1]http://www.flickr.com/photos/delgrossodotcom/3698511651 / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0