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Containers on deck[1]

When you have a bunch of packages that you need to transfer between repositories, you can use Metacello and Gofer to simplify the task.

With the SS3 repository coming on-line, I decided to move tODE development to it’s own repository on SS3. The scripts that I wrote turned out to be pretty simple, but not necessarily obvious, so I thought that they’d be worth sharing.

The basic idea is to use Metacello to identify the packages that you want to transfer and use Gofer fetch to download the selected packages from the source repository into the local cache. Then use Gofer push to upload the packages from the local cache to the target repository.

In my case I want to transfer all versions of the packages used in tODE 0.1:

| gofer |
"Identify the source repository"
gofer := Gofer new gemsource: 'Naviode';
	package: 'ConfigurationOftODE' yourself.
"Traverse all packages defined in version '0.1' of the tODE configuration"
(ConfigurationOftODE project version: '0.1') packages do:[:spec |
	"Use the #name and #package: messages and Gofer will fetch 
	all versions of the Monticello package"
	gofer package: spec name ].
"Initiate the download with the #fetch command"
gofer fetch.

After the above expression completes, I can then initiate the upload:

| gofer |
"Identify the target repository"
gofer := Gofer new url: '';
	package: 'ConfigurationOftODE' yourself.
"Use the same algorithm for identifying the packages to be pushed"
(ConfigurationOftODE project version: '0.1') packages do:[:spec |
	gofer package: spec name ].
"Initiate the upload with the #push command"
gofer push.

If you want to transfer only the latest versions of the packages, substitute the following expression in the above scripts:

"Traverse all packages defined in version '0.1' of the tODE configuration"
(ConfigurationOftODE project version: '0.1') packages do:[:spec |
	"Use the #file and the #version: messages and Gofer will fetch
	only the specified version of the Monticello package"
	gofer version: spec file ].


[1] Photo by / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The best days are not planned[1]

The SS3 Alpha was announced at the end of May, but with SmalltalkHub scheduled to come on-line soon work on the alpha was suspended.

On the Sunday before ESUG (August 21), the Pharo folks started using ss3 for storing their Pharo 1.4 work – SqueakSource had crashed one too many times.

Consequently we are resuming work on SS3 and are committed to taking into production.

The warning that packages stored in SS3 will not be preserved beyond the Alpha period has been withdrawn and we have instituted daily backups for the site. We are still in the alpha period, but the basic operation of the site is sound. Tobias Pape has bugfixes queued up for most, if not all of the outstanding bugs and we will be working towards pushing the fixes into production over the coming weeks.

It should be noted that some mcz files cannot be stored in SS3. We plan to characterize and fix the known problems with loading mcz files.

Please report issues you run into with the SqueakSource3 issue tracker.

When we’ve addressed the initial crop of critical bug reports we will move into a short Beta period and then  transition to full production. In the interim, if you are willing to put up with the current set of bugs in exchange for stability, then you should consider hosting your project on SS3.

With that said, keep in mind that work on SmalltalkHub is continuing and I understand that there is an active project to improve the reliability of, so carefully consider the impact on your users before moving to SS3. SS3 is intended to be a stable alternative until SmalltalkHub is brought online and is stabilized.


[1] Photo by / CC BY 2.0

[ ]Today, Nicolas Petton posted an update on the status of SmalltalkHub:

We’ve been working hard on SmalltalkHub this past weeks. We concentrated our efforts on scalability and UI improvements….

We also made SmalltalkHub work on (GemStone/S), which started with porting Iliad on GemStone…

Since SmalltalkHub is proceeding apace, I have decided to defer the production release of the SqueakSource3 site announced at the end of May. I just think that it would be too disruptive to have folks move their projects to SS3 only to move again when SmalltalkHub comes online.

Photo by http://w / CC BY-SA 2.0

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