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Norizzk.comToday, Johan Brichau of announced the launch of

 …a new web application built with Seaside in Pharo and deployed with GLASS in Gemstone/S was launched to the world: is an innovative platform for risk-based test management.

Watch the trailer on

Once again, the use of Smalltalk, Pharo, Seaside and Gemstone has proven to be a competitive advantage in the development of a stunning innovative product…

Live, From New York, it's Saturday Night!On Thursday of this week (October 18, 2012), John McIntosh is giving a presentation about WorldPulse at the New York City iOS Developer Meetup.

WorldPulse is application for the iPhone and iPad, that shows live accurate cloud cover data, the day/night terminus, night lights, and in 2.0 weather data from all the weather stations in the world.

In John’s presentation:

…he will talk about the steps needed to cache, secure, and protect weather data as fetched from a data supplier for delivery to WorldPulse users.

The presentation will highlight the use of Amazon EC2 as a backend, Gemstone for the object oriented database

The meetup is hosted by Spreecast and the presentation will be live streamed as well as archived on the Spreecast site.

Photo by / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

YesplanCheck out this new video of Yesplan. Now that’s a cool desktop app…running in your browser! Check out this post for more details on the technology behind Yesplan.

Beach HammockBob Nemec, a long-time Smalltalker and GemStoner just posted a description of how he is using Seaside to extend the life of a couple of legacy Smalltalk applications:

Both systems were designed over a dozen years ago, using GemStone and a fat client. Grafting a multi-user Seaside interface to the fat client designed for a singe user was not going to work…

Photo by / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

affiche10jrAt ESUG 2010Johan Brichau of presented NeXTPlan a collaborative resource planning tool for event organizers (videoslides, alternate video1, alternate video2).

NeXTPlan is written in Seaside and runs in Pharo and GLASS. In order to accomodate multiple persistence mechanisms, Johan and company developed a persistence API that works with Magma, GOODS, and GLASS.

The persistence API is especially interesting for folks who are developing Seaside/GLASS applications with transactions that need to span multiple HTTP requests and need to manage concurrent updates to shared data structures. Johan plans to extract the persistence API and make it available for other folks to use!

Photo by / CC BY 2.0

Ken Treis and Miriam Technologies have announced a new public-facing web site built with GemStone/S and Seaside. Ken and company have built several web apps based on Seaside (see GLASS Beats the Competition), but this is one of their few public-facing sites.

Joel Turnbull will be giving a talk entitled Gemstone and Maglev at the Agile Round Table in Cincinnati on March 2nd, 2010:

What is Gemstone? How do I get started with Gemstone? Why would I get started with Gemstone?

All of these questions will be answered!

We’ll do object persistence in Gemstone. We’ll persist objects from a web application. We’ll talk about Maglev and GLASS…

If you’re in the Cincinnati area and are interested in hearing about a production GLASS (GemStone/S, Linux, Apache, Smalltalk, Seaside) installation, then the Agile Round Table is the place to be!

Photo by / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

James Foster posted several videos covering the development of iBizLog presented by José F. Bretti M. and Esteban Lorenzano at Smalltalks 2009. James has added subtitles to overcome the poor sound quality and embedded the slides from the presentation in the video …. nice job, James:

  1. Presentation slides (pdf)
  2. iBizLog Presentation at Smalltalks 2009 (part 1) (video)
  3. iBizLog Presentation at Smalltalks 2009 (part 2) (video)
  4. iBizLog Presentation at Smalltalks 2009 (part 3) (video)
  5. iBizLog Presentation at Smalltalks 2009 (part 4) (video)

iBizLog is a Seaside application that is developed in Pharo and deployed in GLASS. Esteban spends a fair amount of time talking about their use of Pharo and GLASS, so the videos are worth viewing.

Here’s a recent review of iBizLog from AppAppeal.

In a comment to the 1 Session per VM: Another Scaling Alternative post, Ken Treis shared the following:

This particular application started life as a LAMP app, then became a Rails app, then a Seaside+GLORP app… and now it’s in GLASS. It’s much, much faster than any of its predecessors (some pages that used to take 10+ seconds to generate come up in about 100 ms), and users have already commented on how much more responsive it is.

logo_iceWhiteBgLongtime GemStone customer Intercontinental Exchange has been named 2009 Exchange of the Year by Energy Risk magazine.

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