We’re having an Indian Summer in Oregon this year. The trees are alive with vibrant reds and bright yellows against a backdrop of Douglas Fir green and a bright blue sky. Balmy, clear weather in Oregon, in October – Fantastic! As the sun climbs up over the Cascades and lights up the maples in the parking lot, I’m thinking back on the fact that I spent the entire summer working on the tools for GLASS and it looks like I’ll be spending my Indian Summer doing the same thing.

While I was playing with GemStone/S and Seaside, Isaiah Perumalla spent some time porting Magritte to GemStone/S. Isaiah (with some help from Lukas Renggli) got to the point where all but a few of the tests were passing. Some GemStone-specific work was needed and I’ve stepped in to finish off the port, but the bulk of the work was done by Isaiah and Lukas.

In the midst of working through the remaining Magritte tests, I decided that I would get breakpoints working in the OmniBrowser tools. I’ve got them working now, but I now have to add a Breakpoint Browser to the list of tools that need to be implemented.

Also, Otto Behrens and Liliana Ivan from Finworks found time to extend Shout to do syntax highlighting for GemStone/S Smalltalk, which is very nice.

If you have 64 bit hardware and the time to explore GLASS right now, visit our website and drop us an email to let us know that you’re ready to rumba.

Meanwhile, I’m going heads down on the tools.