Both Monty Williams and James Foster will be presenting later this week at Smalltalks 2008 – 2nd Argentinian Smalltalk Conference hosted by the Universidad Abierta Interamericana in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Monty will be giving a keynote entitled “Smalltalk: Stories of Success” on Thursday at 10am:

The keynote includes stories about a number of successful Smalltalk projects – what problems they solved, how Smalltalk helped them succeed, and the changes they have had to deal with over the years.

James will be giving a tutorial on “GemStone Technology” on Thursday at 2:30pm:

Most Smalltalk implementations offer a strong platform for rich, client-side graphical user interface (GUI) applications. When it comes to persisting or sharing data, however, most systems end up using a relational database. While there are good object/relational (O/R) mapping tools available (such as GLORP), some people have found that the best solution is to avoid the O/R problem entirely. In this tutorial, we will look at GemStone/S, a command-line Smalltalk implementation (with no native GUI) that allows thousands of Smalltalk virtual machines to share the same object space (or image) with transactional persistence.

Then at 7:15pm James will be giving a talk entitled “GemStone Roadmap”:

GemStone introduced its Smalltalk application server and database technology at the first OOPSLA (held in Portland, Oregon, USA) in 1986. Since then, GemStone has become the leading Smalltalk object database and is used in a variety of large enterprises from finance to transportation. With Seaside support and the introduction last year of a free version of the product (with a 4 GB size limit), GemStone/S now is an attractive platform for startups looking for a “pure Smalltalk” solution for new web applications (no object/relational mapping is needed). In this presentation we will introduce GemStone/S and describe newly-released features in the products and give hints about what is being considered for upcoming releases.

You can download the entire schedule here(pdf).

[1] Photo: Universidad Abierta Interamericana, Uploaded by blmurch on 14 Dec 06, 2.43PM PST.